Advance Community Church oversees the ministry of

The Loved Bible Project

The Loved Bible Project will give you: 

  • Familiarity in navigating the Scriptures
  • Confidence in sharing the gospel
  • Guidance in making disciples of Jesus
  • Community with others doing the same
  • Transformation and joy in knowing God

How I got involved with The Loved Bible Project

“So you’re basically giving people used Bibles?!” That’s what my friend cheerfully said when I explained The Loved Bible Project (TLBP) to her. In a way, she’s right. A Loved Bible has been marked up with highlighters, notes, and quotes to draw attention to different parts of Scripture.  And it’s then given away to someone to help them grow in their love for God and to delight in his Word.

The first time I heard about The Loved Bible Project, I dismissed it, thinking I wasn’t creative or artistic enough to get on board. But as I learned more about the heart and purpose of the project, I knew God was drawing me toward it. He showed me how he’s given me unique gifts to contribute to this work, and reminded me of Jesus’ command to make disciples. As Christians, we’re all disciples who are called to make more disciples. But how do we do that in practical, everyday ways? I love how TLBP acts as a tool. Not only does it help me grow in my own understanding and desire for God’s Word, it also helps me know how to walk alongside others and point them to the gospel throughout Scripture.

~ Erin Bender, TLBP Communications and Development Director
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