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Depression: Walking from Darkness into the Dawn

by: June Hunt
Do you feel the darkness of depression closing in on you? Do you see no light at the end of the tunnel? Can anything dispel the darkness and bring back true peace and contentment to your heart? The answer is yes--you can exchange the darkness of despair for the light of hope!

Depression: The Way Up When You
Are Down

by: Ed Welch
If you are one of the many people suffering from depression, there is hope and there is help a way up when you are down. This booklet provides manageable steps for getting started on the path that leads out of depression.

6 Ways We Make Life Harder Than It Needs To Be

by: Paul David Tripp
You are not living in the final chapter of the story. What is broken will be fixed, what has been bent will be straightened, and what has decayed will be restored. Eternity will give you a reason to continue, be thankful, and find joy, even when nothing right now seems as if it is working.

How to Care for Friends with Anxiety and Depression

by: Emma Scrivener
"Appropriate medical and therapeutic interventions are vital for struggling people, but the body of Christ can lovingly come alongside them as well."

L(amen)ting with Hope

Matt Boga
When you lament, you are telling God about your pain—big and small, and he wants to hear it. He can take your honesty, and he’s not going to be surprised by how you’re feeling. He’s our compassionate Father in heaven, and he promises to strengthen the afflicted (Ps. 10:17) and comfort the downcast (2 Cor. 7:6). 

5 Ways the COVID-19 Pandemic Points Us to the Gospel

Paul David Tripp
"Scripture reminds us that in these moments we don’t have to shoulder these burdens alone by ourselves. When we are weary and we are distraught, we have a place to go. Jesus welcomes us when we’re weary to come to him and cast our cares on him."

New Troubles are Met with New Mercies

J.D. Greear
"God knows we’re anxious. And God knows why. The answer isn’t to pretend that the bad news of the world isn’t quite so bad. The answer is to remember that even in the midst of bad news, we have a God who is gracious and merciful, near to the broken-hearted, and always available to those who call on him."

9 Ways the Gospel Speaks to Us During COVID-19

Dave Harvey
When the pandemic foments loneliness, we can remember God’s promise never to leave us. When we self-quarantine or practice six-feet-between-us social distancing, it’s easy to feel a growing alienation. He who knew no sin became sin for us (2 Cor. 5:21). He experienced exile—ejected from the Father’s presence—so that we might never be alone.