How Can You Help?
1. Pray: As real & felt needs are met, pray questions would be asked and doors to meaningful discussion would be opened. Want to pray for a specific family each week? Contact Jill Nelson.
2. Give: Giving in conjunction with relationship helps In the Steps of Boaz meet the community’s greatest need. (1) the Boaz Project: pair with a friend, small group or other families to help meet seasonal needs for families. (List Linked Below) (2) Financial gifts: Purchase a gift card to Walmart, Target, Kohl’s or Giant Eagle. These cards assist in purchasing needed items for baskets.
3. Connect: Want to explore if getting further involved is right for you? Opportunities include (1) aiding a local church in facilitating a 3 day mini camp for SB kids (2) serving at a Thanksgiving Meal for the community (3) joining the In the Steps of Boaz team (contact Jill Nelson).

About In The Steps of Boaz

Get to know more about the ministry and the Somali Bantu people. 

Who are the Somali Bantu?
The Somali Bantu are the minority ethnic group of Somalia, and are the descendants of many Bantu ethnic groups found in East Africa. Ethnically and culturally different from the general Somali population, these groups were brought to Somalia in the 19th century by Arab slave traders. As a result of this relocation, many Somali Bantu assumed the religious majority of the country, and began practicing Islam.
In the early 1990’s, hundreds of thousands of Somali Bantu were evicted from their homes in Somalia for demanding rights and protesting against discriminatory policies. They fled to Kenya, Ethiopia, and Yemen, where they lived in refugee camps managed by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UHNCR).
Coming to the United States seeking to rebuild their lives and searching for a better and brighter future, over 1000 Somali Bantu currently live in Pittsburgh. They arrive here with little to no possessions, and face employment challenges due to language and cultural barriers. Since arriving in Pittsburgh, the Somali Bantu community has forged a relationship with In the Steps of Boaz, a team committed to sharing the love of Jesus practically and relationally.
Who are 'In the Steps of Boaz'?
In the Steps of Boaz is a committed team of people who are passionate about loving our Somali Bantu neighbors unconditionally and serving them practically, as a demonstration of the love of Jesus.  They are driven by a desire to build authentic friendship, at its deepest level. In the context of these relationships, they work closely with the leadership of the Somali Bantu community of Pittsburgh to understand the community’s real and felt needs, and then attempt to assist them in meeting those needs.