Advancing the message of Jesus Christ through gospel-centered worship, community, training, and sending. 

Advance Community Church

exists to glorify God by advancing the message of Jesus Christ through gospel-centered worship, community, training and sending. We gather for worship on Sunday nights at 5pm and throughout the week as Community Groups. 

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  • Worship

    Gospel-Centered Worship is the mark of discipleship. We worship God corporately by proclaiming Christ through preaching, singing, praying, and giving. We also worship by celebrating communion and baptism. Worship is a result of gratitude. Everything a follower of Jesus does is to bring glory to God.

  • Community

    Gospel-Centered Community is the environment for discipleship. Christianity is not designed to be lived out alone. We were created for relationships with God and each other. Our faith is meant to thrive in the context of genuine community.

  • Training

    Gospel-Centered Training is the equipping for discipleship. The church is called to equip people for a life of effective ministry at home, at work, in our community, and around the globe. Training includes biblical learning and practical application.

  • Sending

    Gospel-Centered Sending is the outcome of discipleship. Disciples make disciples; churches plant churches. Multiplication is the result of obedience to Jesus’ command to go make disciples. This is the mandate of Christ’s church.